Month: December 2014

Final Product

Using our collaged pop containers, we were able to fill it with a reusable water bottle and lunch container with decorative stickers, supplies for one craft, a helpful plastic checklist and finally our activity book which contains plastic facts, fun activities, and craft ideas using recycled materials. Although we did not fully produce each book, the covers for the remaining three were drafted. We also created a fun and friendly poster that will serve as a reminder to the children who use our kit at home, that it is important to take care of the environment wherever you are.







After getting our brand and characters established, we turned our focus toward the container for our individual pieces.

Starting off, we made some rough models to get an idea of form and building materials. We initially made our models with cardboard and cereal boxes, but discovered the cardboard was too burly and the cereal box lacked strength. Our final material ended up being 12-pack soda boxes, which goes along with our kit’s theme of reusing and recycling.  The boxes were then collaged together to be formed into a simple box or “briefcase” design. The final “briefcase” form was selected because we felt it would suit the contents appropriately, along with being realistic to construct.

Briefcase style preFold BoxIdeas

BoxCollage1 BoxCollage1