Round Robin Critique Feedback


During our Round Robin review, we received a lot of very informative and helpful feedback. For critique, we presented the beginning stages of our book layout, the crafts we were planning on including, and the beginning stages of our brand design. These were the 3 main parts of our project that we wanted the most feedback on.

Regarding our activity book, the feedback mostly had to do with advice for the books future development; people seemed happy with the content we were using and the general flow of information. As the book is fleshed out more, people wanted to make sure that we remember to keep it heavy with illustrations and activities while making sure it isn’t too heavy with text. We are definitely going to try to do that. We also received some feedback regarding book size. It was suggested that we consider making it a coloring book size or maybe even using coloring book paper. We like the idea of making a larger sized book, but still want to pages to be colorful and inviting.

With the crafts, people seemed excited by the ones that we are currently planning on including in the book. We did receive the feedback that we need to stay conscious that a lot of these crafts require cutting plastic, and this isn’t a task that kids should do on their own / unsupervised. For our main craft, the bird feeder, we plan to include all of the materials in the kit and pre-cut, so the kids only have to do the assembly. We hope to keep the other crafts very simple, so a limited amount of cutting is needed and they are more decorating based.

Brand design was definitely the area of our project that we wanted the most feedback on. In terms of the SustainaPals (the characters that go with the corresponding kits), everyone thought they were wonderful! So far, we have the turtle (plastic reduction pal) and the worm (composting pal) pretty fleshed out. We want to develop a lightening bug for our energy conservation kit and are still deciding what will be used for our water conservation kit.

We received great feedback for our logo design and color palette. For the logo, we presented the following directions:Logos_work-02

Option A:

Option A was received well by most reviewers. People felt that the simplicity was appropriate for a kid’s brand, and the rounded type faces were friendly, inviting, and childish (in a good way). People also responded well to the “a” of A1, because it resembles the “a” that children learn how to make as they learn how to read and write. These more simple marks allow for the characters to really steal the show and be the star of the brand identity- which would probably speak to kids most anyway. It was noted that the letters were too close together.

Option B: 

Some people felt that the type face of option B was too mature for the audience or that the mark resembled a pet food brand. However, some people felt it was easier to understand what the brand was called when it was broken up like it is in B2. While most people still wanted the words on the same line, this gave us the realization that one way to separate “sustaina” and “pals” would be to simply make them different colors. Some people enjoyed the way that the “n” and “l” in B2 connected and gave us some ideas regarding what that could become.

Option C:

People seemed to like this option, several people thought this was a unique approach at combining the words and felt it matched the characters best. But most didn’t feel all caps were 100% appropriate for a kid’s brand.

Option D:

A lot of people really really liked what was beginning to happen with the “a” at the end of sustaina, but didn’t feel like it was legible enough. They liked the idea of incorporating the different kits into the logo though, and felt that if we could somehow do that in a way that would be easier to understand, they would really enjoy it. They definitely applauded the effort of trying to make that work and felt that some cool things were happening. The shape was fun and interesting to look at.


Option A:

People seemed to really enjoy these. They liked the different badges for the different kits. They also talked about how these badges could make really cool stickers or “medals” for the kids to wear / use for activities. Maybe the badge could become the main mark.

Option B:

Some people really liked how these badges looked. They enjoyed how the “S” resembled the recycling wheel. The badges are in a very nice holding shape that also was received well. These could serve a similar purpose as the badges from option A. It was recommended that the “S” could be very simple inside of the hexagon.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.54.39 AM


Most people enjoyed the style of the characters. The turtle represents our plastic kit, the worm will represent our compost and gardening kit, a firefly will represent our energy conservation kit, and a crab will represent our water conservation kit. For right now the comments we got were to make the worm a more appropriate color and give the turtle thicker eye lids.



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