Plastic crafts

Each kit we create will have some type of recyclable craft the kids can construct.

Self Watering Plants


A 2 liter terrarium

We can provide them with some sort of seeds/plant to put into the terrarium, the kids job will be to find the 2 liter.


2 liter ornaments:

We can provide string, beads, glitter, accessories to decorate the ornament, the kids job will be to find the 2 liter.


2 liter stick horse:

We can provide eyes, paint, felt, the stick, etc., the kids will need to find the 2 liter.


Plastic bottle bracelets:

We can provide the paint/decorating materials, the kids will need to find the 2 liter.


Paper towel log cabin:

Although this isn’t made out of plastic, its an idea we can think about using other materials.


2 liter bird feeder:

We can provide the bird seed, the kids can find a 2 liter/pop bottle, as well as the stick that goes through the bottle.


2 liter piggy bank:

We can provide the basic materials: paper, eyes, paint etc., the kids will find a 2 liter.


2 liter/milk bottle shark:

We can provide string, the kids will be tasked in find a plastic milk bottle or 2 liter.


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